Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Retro-Fit Pats team and some Favre thoughts...

Quick, name the wide receivers for the Patriots during there three Super Bowl wins. Here is what I could come up with...no internet help...

Troy Brown
David Patten
Deion Branch
Jermaine Wiggins (Tight End)
David Givens

Here is who I missed...
Bethel Johnson
Dedric Ward
Charles Johnson
Jimmy Farris
Kevin Kasper
Daniel Graham

Yep, that's it. Those are the guys that Brady had out wide to catch the ball. And you know what? They did a pretty damn good job.

With the Pats reacquiring Deion Branch on Monday, one is left to wonder. Are the Pats doing a "retro-fit?" Are they trying to re-create the recipe that worked early this decade, winning 3 Super Bowls. I would like to think so.

Anyone else excited for this again?

With all the talents of Randy Moss, how many times do loud mouth wide receivers actually help a team when the going gets tough? The Pats struggled on the road last year, winning one true road game. They played, and beat, the Bucs in London. I don't count that as a road win. Moss' stats in the second half of all those games was awful. He didn't have more than 2 catches in any of the losses. Let's be honest, when the going got tough, Moss shrank a bit. Please do not confuse this with an attack on Moss' talents, the guy is uber talented and was a delight to watch. But how many BIG catches did he make late in a game? I cannot think of one time when Moss used his incredible talent to simply take over a late close game.

The Pats are now more similar to the older Pats teams. They do not have a Moss to "spread the field" the only thing I am more sick of hearing about? Brett Favre's penis (more on that later). Do I think the Moss trade was the right thing. Yes. Was I upset that he is no longer a Patriot, absolutely. However, where is this Pats team going this year? With 7 picks in the first 4 rounds the Pats have an opportunity to load up on young defensive players in their front 7. That is the next phase of the "retro-fit." The Pats tried the bad guy thing, it did not fit, they did not win. Now they are going back to positioning themselves as the underdogs again. People are counting them out. Brady has some new weapons, Hernandez, Tate, Gronkowski, Woodhead, and now Branch. The old friend who is back for more.

Hernandez is going to have to step up.

The offense will be fine, people act like the offense will only be playing with 10 players now that Moss is gone. The Pats could move the ball before Moss and they will be able to move the ball after Moss. They will have to change their method, become more of a ball control offense. Which may also keep that young defense off the field.

One last note on Moss and professional athletes in general. Imagine you were able to be a complete jerk at work. Abuse co-workers, treat new hires like crap, and then when your boss has had enough of you he calls you into his office and says, "we are trading you to another office for a secretary and a few new conference tables."

Professional athletes are allowed to treat people terribly, act selfishly, and then they are handed off to the next team, FOR THE SAME PRICE!

Which leads me to Brett Favre... channeling my John Gruden... This guy is a complete jerk. Watch this guy, right here. He is gonna take pictures of his wang, and then he is gonna have the balls to send it to a female. This girl isn't even his wife. I don't get it, I just don't get it (pursing my lips and shaking my head.).

So young and innocent...

During Monday Night Football, Brett Favre was honored for everything: for having fun on the football field, for being a great teammate, for being a fearless gunslinger (no pun intended). Is ESPN owned by Favre? It is pathetic the slack that this guy gets for both his behavior and for his play on the field. Part of me wonders if the people at ESPN were disappointed that they weren't the recipients of the wang message.

For the record, I decided to call Favre the Wangler. Choose comfort, choose the Wangler...

Take a look at some of Brett's late game "greatness."

NFC Championship vs Saints....outstanding fan reactions. Best part is announcers, they are shocked..

Brett's last passes as a Packer, Jet, and Viking (before he returned....). SPOILER ALERT: THEY ARE ALL INTERCEPTIONS IN BIG GAMES!!!

Even Hitler is pissed off...

One last video, probably my favorite of the year to this point. Brian Wilson on Jim Rome....