Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Figuring out where everyone stands...

As we look forward to Week 4 in the NFL, we are left looking back at a September that had some surprises. The Chiefs are 3-0. The Cowboys avoided a terrible start by winning in Week 3.

After Week 3 most teams have at least realized what they are destined for. Only 3 teams have ever won a Super Bowl after starting 0-2: The 1993 Cowboys, the 2001 Pats, and the 2007 Giants. Therefore a good start is paramount. Here is a look at what teams at each record might be thinking as they head into Week 4.

Holy S%$t we are 3-0!!
Chicago, Kansas City, and Pittsburgh.
These were not teams that anyone would have picked to be at the top of the heap after 3 games. The Steelers are no doubt the best team out of these 3, getting Ben back after this week could be a huge boost. Or will it fall into the category of the anti-Ewing Theory?

The Chiefs have some solid coaches who have won before. Charlie Weis and Romeo Crenel are leading the offense and defense. I hope to god they both realize they are not meant to be head coaches at any level. I think that Coach Taylor might be more suited to run a college or professional program. In the AFC West, they could stick around and make some noice. Doesn't seem like anyone else is going to.

I would trust my team with Coach Taylor...

The Bears look very good. They have a strange collection of players that they are depending on though. Urlacher is good for one injury a year. Jay Cutler is a headcase, and if teams stop kicking to Devin Hester then he is neutralized. WHY DO YOU EVER KICK TO THAT GUY?? It makes no sense. A punter is paid to make sure the opponent has bad field position. Kicking to him means your punter is doing a bad job, kick it out of bounds!

Holy S&^t we are 2-1!
Seattle, Tampa Bay, Philly, Cincy, and Arizona.
These are the teams that probably should not be 2-1, but they are doing something right. These teams are teetering on the edge, winning some games in spite of certain players (coughCarsonPalmercough). What are they doing right? Funny you should ask...

Seattle: They are playing in Seattle. 2 home wins already, one loss on the road to Denver. PLaying in Seattle should be a guarenteed 6 wins. That place is tough to play. Any half decent team wins 6 games in Seattle. Pete Carroll is pumped and jacked.

Tampa Bay: The record of their Week 1 and 2 opponents? 0-6. Then they met the Steelers and got smoked. The only thing they are doing right is beating bad teams. A battle with Cincy this week could seal their fate as a weak 2-1 team headed for a 3-5 record (Cincy, New Orleans, St. Louis, and Arizona in the next 4 weeks).

Philly: The thing they are doing right? Sticking with a red hot Michael Vick. Run with it Andy Reid, run with it. My brother in law is from Philly. I told him before the season started that Philly was a good pick to win the NFC East. They look good so far.

Madden Curse be damned... Vick is back!!

Cincy: I watched the Pats destroy this team. Then they managed a win against a pretty normal looking Ravens team and a terrible Panthers team. Carson Palmer has thrown 3 picks and it seems like every highlight I see of the Bengals their opponent is dropping an interception. This team is trending down for me. A late October stretch of Miami, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Indy, Buffalo (only easy one), NY Jets, New Orleans, and Pittsburgh will doom this team.

Arizona: How are they 2-1? Wins over St. Louis and Oakland is how. And they beat those two terrible teams by a combined 5 points. Then they travelled to Atlanta and were beat 41-7. Yikes. These guys are not good. And they could still make the playoffs out of the NFC West.

Coming next time... the remaining 2-1 teams, the 1-2 teams, and the 0-3 (read: dead) teams.