Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Quick(ish) Hits:

Nomar Day?
So I heard this for the first time on Monday while driving in my car. Lou Merloni (a renowned Nomar Butt-Boy) said jokingly, "I am just looking forward to Nomar Day."
I laughed at that quote. You know why? Because it seemed absolutely ridiculous.
Why did the Sox do this? Does Nomar have pictures of John Henry or Theo that they do not want anyone to see? Does Nomar have a Big Papi Voo-doo doll that we do not know about? This feels so contrived and fake to me. The Sox are tip-toeing a line that the Pats have been tip-toeing for the past few years. They think whatever they do will turn to gold, and the team is losing steam because of it. "In Theo and Bill we trust," is dying, people are questioning the men who only a few years ago could do no wrong.
Nomar Day is ridiculous, the best quote from the live blog from Fenway? "Nixon got a bigger cheer than Nomar did." Outstanding.

Photos: Red Sox pay tribute to Nomar
Not quite a Gehrig moment...

Hockey, great for 2 months a year!
Do me a favor. Imagine a restaurant that is open all year. 12 months of the year. Of those 12 months they make half decent food for 10 of those months. There are other places that do better business in town, maybe 3 or 4 of them.
Now imagine that for 2 months of the year something happens. The restaurant transforms. The waiters are nicer, the service is faster, the food is way better. For 2 months of the year the line for a table goes out the door. The regulars cannot get a table as quickly, they feel like they are missing out. Businessmen and clients are clogging up the tables. People who do not suffer through the mediocre meals for 10 months are loathed by the regulars. Then in 2 months, things are back to normal. Things settle down, the food kind of sucks again, the waiters are a little crankier.
This is what the NHL has done to itself. It is a mediocre product every month except April and May. For those 2 months hockey fans come out of the woodwork saying, "see it is the best sport in the world. Playoff hockey is like no other sport on the planet!" The problem is playoff hockey has become a sport in itself. Regular season hockey is an absolute joke, I can prove it. The top 3 seeds in the Eastern Conference lost in the first round. The 4 and 6 seeds have home ice advantage round 2. You can glide through the regular season and then pick it up for the playoffs. This is a bad recipe.
As a soccer fan I know the same types of fans will come out of the woodwork during the World Cup saying things like,"this is the world's game!" "There are no commercials for 45 minutes straight!" "These are the best athletes in the world."
In truth I know that soccer will never truly catch on because the MLS is a crappy restaurant, and the World Cup only comes around every four years. I am not going to preach about why people should like soccer.
Playoff Hockey is great, I understand that. But I think it is pathetic that for 10 months of the year they play a different sport.

Quick(er) Hits:
The Sox just swept the Angels...say what you want about the crappy lineup and Ortiz's struggles. They are winning close games. Too bad they are in a division with the two best teams in baseball...

My adopted team the Rangers are currently 2 games ahead of the Angels....

LeBron can do no wrong in the eyes of everyone. I was so annoyed that Reggie Miller and others gave the C's NO credit for LeBron's struggles in game 2. His elbow was the real problem...what a joke.

Does anyone else think that the Cavs-Celts series was scheduled to get LeBron as much rest as possible... I do...

Got this from a buddy... Patriots stand up middle school awards winners...

Tebow in and Big Ben out as popular QBs...

Los Suns jerseys...interesting timing...

More Tiger stuff....drug and sex rehab??